U.S. Auto Credit Buys Receivables

Are you a Buy Here/Pay Here dealer, or a principal with a bank, credit union or a finance company? Is your business heavy in receivables?  U.S. Auto Credit is actively purchasing receivables in bulk.  U.S. Auto Credit can provide you with welcome cash flow; access to capital for growth, and for dealers the ability to concentrate upon selling vehicles and not wasting time on slow... or non-paying customers.

We offer great rates, and speedy payment.  All purchases require due diligence, but our basic guidelines are as follows:

  • Auto installment sales contracts only
  • Simple interest and Pre-Computed (R-78)
  • Portfolio must have a minimum of 10 vehicles
  • Each account must have a minimum age of 3 monthly payments
  • No accounts 30 days or greater past due accepted

If interested, please contact your local U.S. Auto Credit branch manager or feel free to send an email to bulk@autocreditbranches.com

A U.S. Auto Credit team member will reply by the end of the day. We want your business!


Auto Credit Advances into Northern Virginia....

Beginning September 1, 2013, U.S. Auto Credit will make entry into the Richmond, Virginia, market.  Auto Credit has hired veteran dealer service representative, Charlie Wilson, to introduce dealers from Richmond and surrounding areas of U.S. Auto Credit's value.  With point-of-sale financing, and the power to purchase receivables, Auto Credit offers a winning combination for your dealership. 

If you're not doing business with U.S. Auto Credit you should!

Email us today at info@autocreditbranches.com.

Auto Credit says, 
Smarter, Faster, Better in Every Way!

Welcome to U.S Auto Credit, one of the Southeast’s leading providers of specialty automobile financing. We provide dealers with the ability to offer financing to their sub-prime credit customers, and in doing so, we’re saying yes to your customer. Our drive is to deliver our dealers, and their customers’ service that is Smarter, Faster, Better in Every Way!

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